TOKAIDO : Big Zip Pro

(IVA incluído)


Saco Mochila ideal para o transporte de todo o equipamento!

Material: 100% Poliéster de Alta Densidade
Dimensões: 55 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm


1. Quality seems to be good.
2. Perfect option to wear it as a shoulder bad.
3. Very roomy (in my medium size there is plenty of space for kimono, belt, two towels, slippers, hairdryer, cosmetic bag and some space remains)
4. However the big zip isn't the most "easy going"zip due its big size and makes some trouble opening for sure. By the way - because of it's big zip size the bag can not be fully zipped at the end (up to 1 cm remains unzipped; at least i got such bag) so in case of rain - there might be a chance getting water inside.
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